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Let our crowd of experts recommend papers that fit your publication’s needs before going to peer review.

The power of crowdsourcing builds on the wisdom of crowds, which has been shown to be more effective in producing the true answer in comparison to an elite group.

Particularly, when knowledge is widely distributed and hard to locate, crowdsourcing has been shown to be surprisingly effective.

You provide the papers, we provide the scores to help you prioritize research to publish.

Prediction market judgments outperform results of individual surveys. Our confidence scores combine human assessments with machine learning models for an accurate prediction of reliable, reproducible research.

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About Replication Markets

Our research team is led by Yiling Chen, (Harvard University) and Thomas Pfeiffer (Massey University, NZ).

Technical support provided by Jacobs and Gold Brand Software.

Our recent paper in Royal Society Open Science reports community expectations for replicability of different academic fields.

The community expects replicability to increase over time, and for Economics and Politial Science to be more replicable than Psychology and Education.

Our global pool of forecasters has experience forecasting replications of over 3,000 published papers.

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