Prediction Market for

COVID-19 Preprints

Data collection for this project is completed.

We will post updates here through 2021.

Surveys: October 28, 2020 through November 10, 12:00 UTC.

Markets: November 11, 2020 at 12:00 UTC through November 20, 12:00 UTC.

The pandemic triggered a wave of research to understand the Corona virus and how it is changing the human experience.

Public attention to this research led to misleading conclusions and fake news.

Support the effort to highlight reliable results. 

Assess the Reliability of Research

Complete Surveys

Record your individual assessment of COVID-19 preprints.

Play in Markets

Move the collective opinion of COVID-19 preprints with your bids.

Contribute Your Wisdom

Discuss and debate the validity of Covid 19 preprints with other forecasters. Your ratings and comments are data for future, automated assessment ratings.

Challenge Yourself

Put your knowledge, instincts, and abilities to the test as you assess the reliability of Covid 19 research preprints.

Earn Prizes and Recognition

The best forecasters earn recognition among their peers and win real money for their participation.

A total of $14,520 in prizes will be awarded. See Rules for more details.

There is NO COST to participate in Replication Markets.

This research is supported (in part) by the Fetzer Franklin Fund of the John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust. It uses a platform developed for DARPA SCORE, and some staff are supported by SCORE while working on this. We are grateful for their support.