Points Distribution for Bidding on Claims

In Round 0, you will start with 100 points to play. In all subsequent rounds, you will start with the same number of points as there are claims, plus participation bonus.

To earn more points to play with, stick around! We love seeing you participating in the market, and we want you to return. We therefore offer a bonus to reward your continuous participation. 

Your initial point balance will be increased 

  • by 10% once you have participated in the market in two of the monthly rounds
  • by 20% once you have participated in the market in four of the monthly rounds
  • and by 30% once you have participated in the market in six of the monthly rounds. 

To qualify as a participant in a round, you must end the round with less than 50 points uninvested* (or 90 points in Round 0).

Keep in mind that you should invest all your points because cash rewards will only be allocated based on your forecasts. Points that are not invested into forecasts by the time a round ends will be lost! Use them or lose them. Also note that hastily spending points last minute will generally hurt your prize chances. (But it’s a nice antidote to favorite/longshot bias.)

* In Rounds 1-6, all forecasters received 300 base points to start the market. The phrasing on this page used to read: “spend at least 250 points” to qualify for the participation bonus. In rounds 7-9, all forecasters received 330 base points, with participation bonuses calculated on spending at least 280 points.