Round 11 Surveys are open

Welcome to Round 11 featuring claims from research on COVID-19

In this round, we examine 100 claims from preprints selected by the Center for Open Science.

For more details about these claims, see our blog post: Round 11 featuring COVID-19.

In Round 11, there are 10 batches of 10 claims each.

Prediction surveys and prediction markets have different advantages. We open each Round with surveys to get your baseline opinion before interactions in the markets influence your evaluation.






Round 11 Surveys will pay $1,600. That’s 160 for each of 10 batches of surveys, as $80 / $40 / $20 / $20 for the Top 4 forecasters in each batch.

The more batches of surveys you complete, the more you are eligible to win. Round 11 Survey winners will be announced after Round Markets close September 28. (Markets pay out separately, and not until later in 2020, possibly 2021. For more details, read Explanation of Payouts.



Where do I find the surveys?


  1. Log in to the market here:
  2. Your assigned surveys will appear on your page, underneath the banner with directions. Only forecasters who have completed the required intake survey will have assigned surveys.
  3. To be eligible to win prize money, you must complete at least one batch of surveys.
  4. If you want to be eligible for more prizes, complete more batches of surveys. After you complete your first batch of surveys, another batch will appear on your page. Only complete the number of surveys that you want to complete.


Timeline for Round 11


  • Round 11 surveys are available from now, Monday, August 24, 12:00 UTC until Monday, August 3=1, 06:00 UTC. (Monday, 2 am on the US East Coast.)
  • You may take the surveys in several sittings provided you use the same browser and keep the cookies Qualtrics uses to track your progress.
  • Round 11 Prediction Market will be available from Monday, August 31, 12:00 UTC until Monday, September 28, 06:00 UTC (Monday, 2 am on the US East Coast).

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