The Pipeline Project 2 – Recruiting Forecasters!

Courtesy post for other researchers. (Some of them are on RM, but this is not an RM project.)

This is a crowd-sourced initiative to replicate original unpublished studies in independent laboratories. You can read the Pipeline Project 1 paper published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology here. For the Pipeline Project 2, different research groups have volunteered twelve original findings, supported by initial evidence from their laboratory, to be replicated by teams in other locations. We want to see if you can predict which original effects will replicate across cultural contexts and methodological factors. For more details on the project, you can visit our website here:

What’s in it for you?

Other than being a part of a compelling new project and contributing to science as a whole, you will receive consortium authorship credit on the final paper. Additionally, some forecasters will be randomly selected to receive a monetary compensation depending on the accuracy of their forecasts. The maximum amount a forecaster can earn is $200 (if the forecaster predicts the results with perfect accuracy). More info:

Who can participate?

We are recruiting researchers and scientists from all fields to participate in this study. All levels of expertise are welcome, from graduate students to senior professors.

Enroll in the forecasting survey here:

This information is being shared as a courtesy to other researchers. RM is not connected with this project.

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