If you’ve made trades in Round 7 markets, you may have noticed comments like : “[automated trade]”. These indicate trades made by one of our forecaster’s own DIY autotraders.

bots roaming

You may wonder what are the rules bots have to follow when they work for their human forecasters. 

The Golden Rule for Bot Creation:

Create only bots that you would like to encounter on the markets.

We have a few guidelines to expand on this concept:

  • Bots identify themselves in comments.

For example, one of RM’s autotraders comments on each trade: “[NoiseBot] I flip a coin to buy/sell shares.”

  • Bots don’t hammer the system.

Query and trade at a reasonable rate. Cache unchanging information. Don’t crowd out the humans.

  • Bots use their forecaster’s points.

No separate accounts except by special arrangement: we can split your points among bot accounts.

  • Bots are tested in Sandbox before deploying to Predict.

Your first bot must get our approval to run on production. We recommend this for later ones too.

  • Bots are courteous.

The usual do’s and don’ts and a bit more: help make the system a place people want to be.

  • Bots have a clear purpose.

If you’re “just playing” with bots, use the Sandbox. That’s what it is for, after all.

If you, too, would like a bot to do some work for you, follow the steps outlined in this blog post. We look forward to hearing from you!