Meet the Bots

Meet the automated traders: Noise Bot and Prior Bot

Two forecasters will make their debut trades in Replication Markets on Friday, April 17: Noise Bot and Prior Bot.

These automated traders will wander around the market and make trades based on their algorithms. If you see one of them making trades on a claim in which you have a stake, it could be to your advantage!

Noise Bot will arrive at a claim and make a random choice to buy Yes or No. If you think it made the wrong choice, it could be profitable to reverse its action.

Prior Bot has opinions. It will look for current values that are “far” from the prior trade and try to correct them. If you think Prior Bot made the wrong choice, reverse its action to earn some points.

The RM Team has created these bots to spur action in the markets. When you see one, make a trade and/or leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Meet the Bots”

  • StanLaurel says:

    Bots take a position in the market. What is the effect of that on the payoffs if a claim is chosen for a replication study? Can it be that the bot earns some of the money, and the humans divide less than the $750?

    • Charles Twardy says:

      Great question. Our bots are ineligible. Their stake will be removed before dividing winnings.

      Your bots, on the other hand, are risking your points and doing your bidding, and so are eligible!

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