SCORE’s change in definition of “replication” (see our blog post on this topic) more than doubled the number of claims that will resolve in Round 6 and later. This has affected our project’s budget.

We have adjusted market payouts as described below. However, a change to incentives has to be approved by our Institutional Review Boards. Harvard approved the changes, but our sponsor’s IRB needs more time. We apologize, but we cannot collect more data until we get their go-ahead.

By moving other funds to prizes, we were able to double the per-Round prize pool for later rounds.  For Rounds 6-10, the per-Round prize pool is up from ~$9,000 to ~$18,750, or $750 for each resolving claim in the Round (25 on average).

We are committed to honoring the $900-per-resolving-claim pool size for Rounds 1-5, and the $4,320 pool for Round 0. 

Special thanks to the generous folks at Stockholm School of Economics who made this adjustment to the budget possible.

Remember, although prize pool is determined by the number of resolving claims, prizes are allocated proportional to winning shares in that Round (not per claim). For details, we encourage you to read the updated rules. If you have any questions, please get in touch with