One more week of Round 3 Markets!

Round 3 Markets are open until November 24, 23:59 UTC.

This round’s claims come from 18 journals … see the complete list here.

Bonus points awarded!

When Round 3 Markets opened, 203 of our forecasters got a bonus: 30 extra points to invest in the markets!

Forecasters who trade enough on multiple rounds earn points based on their longevity and activity.

  • After at least 2 qualifying rounds, you earn a 10% bonus (30 points).
  • After at least 4 qualifying rounds, you earn a 20% bonus (60 points).
  • After at least 6 qualifying rounds, you earn a 30% bonus (90 points)

Read more about how to qualify for bonus points in futures rounds!

Understanding the Markets: null trades

Message: if you change nothing, nothing will change

We have noticed some forecasters are making null trades. If you do not change the value of the forecast:

  • you have not made a trade
  • you have not spent points
  • you have not invested in the markets
  • your trade is null

Read more about this in our blog.

User experience feedback needed

Take a quick, 6 question survey about the usability of Predict.

We need more forecasters!

Forecasters looking at laptop screen

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