Market Bonus Points

When Round 3 Markets opened, 203 of our forecasters got a bonus: 30 extra points to invest in the markets! 

Forecasters who trade enough on multiple rounds earn points based on their longevity and activity.

  • After at least 2 qualifying rounds, you earn a 10% bonus (30 points).
  • After at least 4 qualifying rounds, you earn a 20% bonus (60 points).
  • After at least 6 qualifying rounds, you earn a 30% bonus (90 points)

What makes a qualifying round?

A round qualifies if you are "fully invested", meaning you have no more than 50 unspent points at the end of the round. (Or in Round 0, no more than 10.)

For example, suppose user rm_test

  • spent 90 of their 100 points in Round 0 (qualifies),
  • 200 of 300 points in Round 1 (doesn’t qualify), and
  • 295 of 300 points in Round 3 (qualifies).

Then rm_test has two qualifying Rounds, and will start Round 4 and future rounds with at least 30 bonus points.

Suppose rm_test also qualifies for bonus points in Round 5 and Round 7.  Now rm_test has four qualifying Rounds, and will start Rounds 8 and 9 with 60 bonus points. If both of those rounds qualify, rm_test will start Round 10 with 90 extra points, otherwise with 60.


We want you to use all your points. They don’t do us any good unspent, and because they get reset every round, they don’t do you any good either. If you are unsure, make safer bets. Look for opportunities. Defend the claims you are sure of. Find ignored claims. Learn more.


We want you to be fully invested each Round.  Our first definition was that you spend at least 250 of your 300 points (90 of 100 in Round 0).  For casual trades, this is equivalent to having ≤50 unspent, and it’s far easier for us to check the unspent points.  

But savvy traders will often “cash in” early positions to take a profit, and reinvest those points elsewhere. They can end up with >300 points this way – which is good for us, if they use them as smartly as they earned them. So we want to reward them for investing all their points in permanent bets where they have a stake.

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