Round 2 Markets opened on Monday!

New this round: you can filter by the claims that you assessed via survey! To see them after you log in, click on “All Claims,” then check the “My Surveys” box.

Forecasters started the round with 300 points to spend on trades. Use them or lose them! Points reset at the beginning of each round.

What do you want to know about Replication Markets?

We are planning our first webinar to answer our forecasters’ burning questions about the project. From how points work to DARPA SCORE… ask us anything! Fill in the form at this link, tweet at @ReplicationMkts, or send an email!

Crystal Ball award for Round 1 Surveys

Round 1 Survey winners have until October 31 to claim their prizes! See the complete list of winners on our blog.

Need a little help in the markets? Watch our tutorials!