Ready for Round 2?

Surveys open on October 7, 12:00 UTC

Round 2 Surveys feature claims from economics, marketing, political science, and psychology. Registered forecasters who completed their intake surveys by 23:59 UTC on October 3 are eligible to take the surveys and compete for the $3,200 in prizes.

lots of US bills of varying denominations

On the topic of prizes… Eligible forecasters are assigned a batch of 9-10 claims to survey. We award prizes to the top 4 forecasters for each batch $80, $40, $20, and $20 respectively.

The more batches of surveys you complete, the more you are eligible to win. Round 2 has 20 batches of claims, for a total of $3,200 in prizes.

Why surveys? Where's the market?

Surveys give forecasters a chance to evaluate claims on their own, without outside influence. These responses give RM a baseline of what the crowdsourced opinion might be when the markets open.

Read this blog post to learn more about RM’s surveys and markets.

The Markets for claims of Round 2 will be open from October 14, 12:00 UTC through October 27, 23:59 UTC.

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