Important Prize Clarifications

  1. The total prize amount for a Round is determined by the number of resolving claims in that Round.
  2. Payout is proportional to all winning shares in the round, not per-claim. 

The Round 0 Market will pay $360 x 12 = $4,320 total. If you have 5% of winning shares, you will get 5% of $4,320 = $216, regardless which claims those shares come from. Awards will be made when all answers are known (July  2020). For more details, read are newly clarified Explanation of Payouts.

For the record, here is what we said before in The Rules, about Round 0. 

The prize pool for the meta-market is USD 4,320 (USD 360 for each of the 12 meta-claims) and is allocated proportionally to the points earned in these markets.

That can be read as either proportion of each claim’s $360 or proportion of the total (likely $4,320).  The second reading is correct, and we apologize for the ambiguity and any confusion.

Thanks to an astute participant for spotting the issue, and our experiment team for convincing our PI that he had it wrong, and that it mattered.

 Saruman! A wizard should know better!