Prof. Dreber Almenberg announces debut of Replication Markets

By Louisa Tran

Prof. Anna Dreber Almenberg, part of Replication Markets’ experiment design team, delivered one of three keynote addresses at the 2019 Bayesian Crowd Conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on June 25. During her address, Dreber Almenberg discussed her research and work in Replication Markets, the first public announcement of the project. Dreber Almenberg has published research…

What do I forecast?

By Charles Twardy

If you’ve just read What is a high-quality replication, you know that our replications will be high-power — usually much higher than the original study — but not quite the “100 replications” ideal set out by DARPA: Assume 100 replications of this study were performed, and a weighted average of their results (i.e., a meta-analysis) was…

What is replication?

By Charles Twardy

[Updated Jan. 2020 to cover unified definition, and clarify] Concept Replication is when you repeat a previous study to see if you get the same results. Ideally this happens a lot in science. In practice, not as much. But what counts?  According to Brian Nosek (“What is replication?”, 2019), people commonly say replication is repeating…

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