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A recent study shows something eyebrow raising, and you think, “Really?” Given the chance, you would read the paper with a critical eye, analyze its results, conclusions, and methods, dig deep into p-scores and n values, and wonder if the results could be replicated.

Replication Markets gives you that opportunity. It is a game that is part crowd-sourcing, part playing a market, and part legal gambling. The bets are placed on research results: can a study be replicated? 

Participants in the market are both players in the game and human research subjects: you play our game, we learn from you.

We call you a Forecaster. You might be a grad student, or a stay-at-home parent, or a retiree. You might read academic journals for the fun of it, or have a great love of literary nonfiction, or geek out on the social sciences.

Forecasters come from all sorts of backgrounds, but they have some things in common. 

  • They care about the quality of research in the social sciences.
  • They want to contribute to the future of research.
  • They like getting into the weeds of statistics.
  • They might even have a competitive streak.

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